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    Innovation: superyacht based on creative manipulations of gravity.


Superyacht based on creative manipulation of gravity
This yacht shows a series of extraordinary aero and hydro dynamic qualities that contribute to its superb, unknown navigation behaviour, comfort, safety, stability, stear ability, manoeuvrability and unusual high speeds.

It is most important that the  tips of the wings are pivoting. By temporarily restricting the width of the hydrofoils, a parking place is easily found in the harbor, as the volume is restricted when mooring, and so there will be new free, open, private space for the enjoyment of the invited guests

The interior consists of automatic, transformable. The luxury accommodation, worthy of a top yacht, for the owners and their guests.

Width: 30 m.

Length: 41 m.

Highth: 7,30 m

Air propellers.

There is looked for company or companies for the technolgy trsnsfetr trough licensing these marine vehicle.
This super yacht is now not even the heir to the dugout, and the raft inflated cowhides, no types of flying boats, but with a renewed mind based on creative manipulation of gravity - a new era.