An academy project aims to make an alternative movie poster for the egyptian movie "El Watar" directed by: Magdy El Hawary.

The target is to re-make the original poster and make our friends starring instead of the original actors, so I shot my friend "Khaled Mks" starring as the character of the original actor "Mostafa Shaaban" which is the main character of the movie.

The movie plot line is about a murder of a guy found smothered and slaughtered by a violin chord and surrounded by photos and blood, so the detective mohamed seleem "Mostafa Shabaan" tries to uncover the mysteries, following the chords using music and inspecting the girl in the photos, later he will contact her and her sister "ghada adel", a cello and violin players....that by time will fall in love with one of them and get more confused about the clues!

Imaginary casting (the cast names are my friends at the project ;)
Seems sleepy, exhausted, confused & tired according to the original charachter