Play your cards right

Hi! We're NY Collective, a creative agency based in Jönköping, Sweden. 
A while ago we came across a study which showed that kids as young as seven thought that men were smarter than women. Young girls and boys were told a story of a very intelligent person and they all automatically assumed it was a man.
Researchers behind the study theorized that this might be one of the factors causing girls to be less interested in professions associated with higher intelligence.
So what does this have to do with us? Well we believe that everything communicates, even a simple deck of cards.
The deck of cards is one of the most widespread toys in the world. It defies borders and languages. But it's also a concept. A concept that says that a certain type of man has a higher face value than women. That men trump women. 
This is why we are launching Play Your Cards Right – the first genderless deck of cards. 
The cards are professionally made and designed to make you want to leave them spread on your coffee table for all to see.
While we were at it we decided to abolish the monarchy from the deck. After all, the concept of monarchy is almost as old as gender inequality (not really). Instead we replaced the court cards with numbers and added a strip of metallic print to make them more recognisable. 
Sure, this might be a tiny initiative for a huge problem. But at least it's something and it's something we feel passionate about. We hope you will too.

Project Manager: Åsa Ljungman
Concept: Björn Ceder, Jonatan Olsson, Linda Karlsson, Tommy Olsson
Design: Tommy Olsson
Copywriter: Linda Karlsson

Play your cards right