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    Series of infograms displaying some of the social issues around the native american people Misak and Nasa in Colombia.
I strongly believe that information is a tool for development and social advancement.

These infograms are part of a series of visual analyses of the situation of the ethnic and aboriginal minorities in our country. The idea is to bring tools to help to understand the reality in which lives a lot of our people; the needs and lack of social justice for a great part of the citizens of this country.

The 2 infograms about Toribio differ in the number of inhabitants because one is based on a census from 1993 and the other one of statistical projections. All the graphs have as the source of information the DANE (National Statistic Department).

If you want you can download the PDF file here. Or watch it in Issuu.
Serie de infogramas visualizando información del Departamento Nacional de estadísitca DANE, respecto a los grupos étnicos colombianos. Como una herramienta desde el diseño gráfico en pos de una nación equitativa
The web version of the project can be found here: SEE