Leonardo DiCaprio Fdn. Shark Conservation Fund identity

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation – Shark Conservation Fund Identity
The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation was established in 1998 with the intention of protecting the world’s last wild places. They approached Superfried to develop the identity for a global partnership set-up to protect sharks and rays.

The client requested that if possible the identity should simultaneously represent both species and their natural habitat, since they would be aiming to protect all three. With this in mind I looked for similarities in form in both rays and sharks. Likewise to convey their habitat, waves and their fins were conveniently close in shape.

The profile route was stronger since even at small scale it was clear that the organisation were protecting sea life. However, in this scenario it was felt that the ray had a tendency to disappear. To resolve this, the shark was made solid to create greater distinction between them.

Once the route had been selected, mock-ups – visuals shown – were developed to ensure the new marque was sufficiently versatile to work across all media in numerous scenarios.

This project was featured by Creative ReviewCreative Boom. and Design Week.