Thought at Work

Thought at Work (TAW) is a team of humble and passionate students creating a kick-a$$ three day design conference.
This year I was approached to be Graphics Lead! My responsibilities include creating a design direction for the year, over seeing other teams to assert cohesion, and as well as creating promotional assets to be used for print and web.
Brain Storming

Contrary to years prior, I wanted to disrupt TAW with a completely new visual design direction! With the help of my supervisor/mentor, I understood this as a tagline that should be incorporated in all aspects of the conference. 

Visual Direction Process:
1. The team and I did a rapid fire session of conceptualizing ideas.
2. Chose the top three ideas we thought could be further developed.
3. Created mood boards of how these would be visually represented.
4. Presented these to a larger panel of students, where we voted on the final theme.
5. Create a style guide for the visual direction, such as line weight, shadows, color palette, etc.

Rejected & Chosen Ideas:
Unexpected Expectations, Pink Banana Instead of Yellow, Vapor wave/ Digital fluids
Millennial Pink, Nude/Monochrome(Kanye), A Parallel Universe, Change Perspective to Change the Way You See, Magical Ordinary Things, Neon Forest, Hidden Stories, Transparency, If Your Brain Threw Up, Drugs/ Chemical Reactions to the Brain, Wiping Away Your Constraints, Vulnerability, Back to the Origins, Back to Basics, Experimenting Different, Diamond in the Rough, Angles, Nothing Matters, We Choose the Problem, Finding Our Problems, We Give the Products of Our Design their Power, Good vs Evil, Everyone has their Own Narrative, Looking Behind the Facade
Mood Board 1

Theme - Diamond in the Rough (Rejected)
Description: Great ideas are made under pressure, need pain in order for gain, great ideas take time, gems are found in the most darkest of places, need to dig really deep for good ideas/products.
Mood Board 2

Theme - If Our Dreams were a Parallel Universe (Rejected)
This was a failure because everyone interpreted this idea differently, but essentially it's images your brain generates when you have a fever dream, or a mind f#$k, if you will. If those moments were captured, what would they look like?
Mood Board 3

Theme - Back to Basics (Chosen)

Description: As a child we've all played with building blocks(hopefully), channeling our childhood imaginative prowess what can we as designers build given basic building blocks? Design as if you were a child again, don't limit yourself to adult expectations.

Adjectives to consider (meant to emulate childhood toys): 
Cartoon-y, building blocks, cute, bold contrasting pastel, bright, colorful, fun, tiny world, isometric, round
A Work In Progress

Bear with Us
Our teams are currently in the works of a kick-a$$ title sequence and a coming soon site. Stay tuned for updates. For now, the following is a teaser into the conference.
Thought At Work

Thought At Work

Creative direction for a student run design conference.