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    A fist thick Monograph (+ 750 pages) on renowned Japanese graphic designer Hideki Nakajima.
"This front-to-back, back-to-front monograph for Japenese designer Hideki Nakajima is a behemoth in both size and production values. I can't even imagine what the process it must have taken to bind 1,400-plus pages and what's even greater is that it still achieves a sense of softness and delicacy that in perfect-bound or Smythe sewn form would have probably looked like a boring encyclopedia. Designer Nivard Thoes explains: "The bilingual book is divided into ten categories and can be read from back to front and vice versa the book has no front or back. One side of the book is provided with a hardcover (dutch-board), The other cover is formed by ten separate semi-transparent layers." By looking at just the images you don't get to see the transparent pages right away, but once it's pointed out the effect is subtle. Nice to see a collaboration between two designers (Nakajima and Thoes) work out so well."
Article Published by; FPO (For Print Only) / Under Consideration LLC / By Armin Vit / Apr.07.2009