MF kitchen food delivery rebranding (Moscow)
MF kitchen food delivery

We are proud to present our recent project - complete rebranding of Moscow
based food delivery service MF kitchen. 

Project by Sergio Laskin Branding studio
Art direction: Sergio Laskin
Design: Andy Lee
Photography: Sergio Laskin
Front end: Dmitry Zuyev
Old branding

Previous branding was all about premium market with individual programs, that suit your daily routine, 
especially if you are into sports. It was a boom at one point, but it reached it's potential and company 
decided to enter mass market.
New purpose

To communicate new brand values to mass market, we decided to make it more pop and international, 
using concept of being a part of our clients' life. From now on main brand's value would be not just delivering fresh food on time, but new way of thinking and consuming. It's all about sharing the same ideas and values with modern society. 

It just happens that we deliver food.

One of the toughest part of this job was to come up with the packaging concept, 
that would add value to our message and create a pleasant visual product.
And that was not enough at all
At one point we decided o put our foot down and pick the one that we all liked
Food photography

I went to Moscow for 5 days to make first food shots for our new website and social networks
Studio experiments

After we had basic layouts for food and delivery packaging, we moved on to taking photos of people collaborating with product and their communication of new brand direction
You can also take a look at some stories i've made for instagram :)
Web design

After we had tones of different images, i could finish web design of MF kitchen
And some more images from Moscow's photosession
And sample insta feed i've created for creative directing 
the overall flow and voice of a brand
Thank you!

Since this project is only in it's early stage - be sure to check how it grows and becomes more and more lifestyle, rather then just food delivery service!

MF kitchen food delivery rebranding (Moscow)

MF kitchen food delivery rebranding (Moscow)

Rebranding of food delivery service MF Kitchen in Moscow, Russia

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