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    Portuguese Glass Bottles
P O P - U P  S H O P 

Project developed around the concept of being portuguese.
I worked with the concept of saudade, a mix of feelings of lost, nostalgia and sadness, feelings that can only be described with this portuguese wordI first started looking for relations with the word, trying to see what is that we miss so much.

My Stand
My bottle

 I saw our saudade related with the sea, because of the lost ones, and with the discovery epoch, because we were so
 big and great and we miss that, so I decided to start working with the portuguese texts that speak about that saudade, that feeling, like Fernando Pessoa poems and Amália Rodrigues songs.

I have chosen the bottle as the object to transport my messages because it has a big relation with the sea, because a message it’s send and floats years in the sea. Because its a mean of transporting a message and I am transporting a message. Because its a container to keep and transport that saudade. Keep it closed. Don’t let it go. Because of its transparency, and the melancholy and nostalgia it can provoke imitating the sea waves when filled with water.