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    Pool party photoshoot for brazilian lifestyle brand Storvo, Inc. with people disturbing & enjoying a sunny sunday.
The weather forecast was insisting the whole week that the sunday would rain a lot. But Saint Peter held the sun in his hands for this amazing day shooting for the brazilian lifestyle brand Storvo.
It was a pool party full of nice drinks and cold beers, water bombs, good food and lots of laughs.

Client: Storvo, Inc.
Photos: Leo Cavallini / Studio Sopa
Photo assistant: Roberta Kalil
Production: Maihara Marjorie
Make-up: Viviane Machado
Additional photos & making-of: Roberta Kalil e Maihara Marjorie
Location: Estronda Mansion @ Serra da Cantareira, São Paulo, Brazil

Thanks to: Renato “Storvo” Guidolin, Milena Tutumi, Stephanie Salateo, André “Gordz” Vicentin, Nelson “Nerso” Teixeira Jr, Luciano Samskeyti, Fernando Marar, Aline Santana, Paula Morais, Juca Nas, Charry Jin and the dogs that were around all the time: Astor “Storvo”, John Lennon, Ziggy Stardust, Michael Jackson & Duff.
The whole crew minus two dogs left out of the photo. I'm the one at right in Pamela Anderson wearing.