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Tiny Infinities Book Jacket

Tiny Infinities Book Jacket Design
I was approached to design the cover for J.H. Diehl's debut novel, Tiny Infinities, published by Chronicle Books

Tiny Infinities centers around the main character, 13-year old Alice, as she struggles with very real issues of growing up: family relationships that are seemingly falling apart around her as new and unexpected friendships blossom. 

Scroll to see my design process, including inspiration and timelapse video. 
Final book jacket design for Tiny Infinities by J.H. Diehl, designed by Maggie Enterrios
The title, Tiny Infinities, refers to a concept that Alice's friend Harriet keeps on bringing up throughout the story: at what point does change occur?  At what point does hot change to cold?  At what point does light turn to dark?  Alice applies this to her own life, thinking, at what point does "her parents being together" become "her parents being apart"?  
In the end she realizes that it's up to her to decide.

Fireflies play an important visual role in the story, as Alice retreats to her family's backyard for solace. In concepting the cover, I wanted to convey a shift from light to dark and day to night and embrace Alice's overgrown backyard as a visual focus.
Early Sketches:
Final concept evolution:
The cover was drawn in Procreate on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Gradients and shading were added with Adobe Photoshop. Final layout created in Adobe InDesign.
Timelapse from the Procreate
Spot illustrations 
You can follow the author, J.H. Diehl on Instagram or visit her website.
Tiny Infinities is a Junior Library Guild Selection and is available for preorder now on Amazon, through Chronicle Books, Indiebound or Barnes and Noble.
Tiny Infinities Book Jacket


Tiny Infinities Book Jacket

Book jacket design for Tiny Infinities - the debut novel by J.H. Diehl, published by Chronicle Books.