The Intel Project was taken upon by Mihika Shaunik, Shreesh Bellare and I.
The Brief of the project was to conceptualize on applications and services which use Intel's WiMax to provide Health, Educational and Entertainment services to rural Indians. After conceptualizing, we were to iterate our concepts into storyboards and scenarios. I worked on the entertainment and educational part of it.
Dharm is an application conceptualised to provide the rural Indian, an opportunity to tour religious places from the comfort f their home. The application was designed to run on smartphones, tablets and TVs. The app allows the user to tour through preset guides or freely providing them a holistic experience. To round it off, users would also be connected to the religious space's website where they could donate online through credit/debit cards or mobile talktime.
iFixit was conceptualised to solve the rural Indian's problem of broken electronics. The app scans a picture of the item in question eg: Tractor and identifies the make an model. It then throws up a list of common troubleshooting guides with detailed step by step instructions on how to troubleshoot certain problems. If the problem is of an uncommon nature, for a small fee, the users would be able to communicate with a over-the-phone technician who would guide them through the issue.
Live enables Rural Indians to be their own multi-camera video creators and broadcas their stream around the world. It ooks up multiple smartphone cameras to a central tablet which receives all the feed. The Producer can then choose what camera to broadcast, alter sound levels, choose transitions, add text, etc. The feed is the broadcasted to people publicly or privately.