Never prejudge the worth or value of something by it's outward appearance alone.  
Have you ever not gone into a shop because the outside looks boring or not watched a movie because all you can see is the cover and its shit so you’re not even tempted to watch the trailer? Because - shit cover, shit movie. Right?
I was inspired by the phrase- ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ as the basis for my project. I wanted to explore areas which people would generally disregard or ignore purely because of their outward appearance. 
I chose Dalymount as my main site for my project. To me, it is a perfect example of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. The stadium is considered ‘the home of Irish football’ but it’s current condition doesn’t reflect that. As someone who had no prior knowledge of the history of the stadium, my first impression was the standards of Irish football fans are pretty low. It wasn’t until further inspection that I uncovered where the real history of the famous stadium was hidden.
Jimmy's Office
I passed by ‘Jimmy’s office’ twice before my curiosity for the red and black shipping container arose. It wasn’t that the container was particularly attractive but after further inspection I realised behind the heavy iron doors was 125 years of Dalymount. It’s not about what the building looks like, it’s about what lies beneath the surface.
This is a short montage of stills of Dalymount Park also using foley sound. My aim was to communicate the idea of not judging a book by it's cover. 
Dalymount Park 2018 
Dalymount Park

Dalymount Park

Never prejudge the worth of value of something by it's outward appearance alone.


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