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Behavioural Design Email, Illustrations and Icons
Behavioural Design Email Series
Branding and Illustrations
I worked with my colleague David Perrott to create an educational email series about the industry of behavioural design. You can sign up for this free behavioural design email series here. 

The objective
Create a free 6 episode email series introducing behavioural design as an industry and explaining the processes involved in practice. 

My Involvement
To create the overall look and feel, illustrations and layout of the designs. 

1. Creating overall brand identity
The only requirements were that the email series needed to the existing brand of the company sponsoring the project: Gravity Ideas. The aim being to keep the brand consistent and making the information digestible.  
One illustration conveying consistency 
I started by creating a mood board of the used fonts and colour pallet. I proceeded to create a standard heading structure and elements that could be used through out the email series. Maintaining the philosophy of behavioural design are here to introduce change and development. This philosophy inspired the movement of the design elements used.
The main heading of each email
Other headings used transparent lines to create movement
2. The logo 
As per the philosophy, I wanted the logo to convey the idea of change, improvement and simplicity. I used the "B" for Behavioural and the "D" for Design to create a simple yet effective message with one clean element.  
The logo used for the email series.
3. Icon sets
For this project I had to create multiple icon sets to convey some aspects of the behavioural design industry or processes. Here follows some of the icon sets created. 
The behavioural design process
The process of behavioural design also needed to be illustrated clearly and effectively. This part of the design process was probably the most difficult, as the designing something that is to literal limits future uses, whilst creating something abstract can be to far removed. 

Here follows some of the processes that where considered: 
4. Illustrations
In order to create engaging stories though out the email series, illustrations where used to support and complement the content. Here are some of the elements used within the email series to showcase this:
Workshop presentation
The email series was also converted into a workshop, aimed at companies that are interested in the behavioural design industry and Gravity's role in the industry. For the workshop some extra content was created to add additional value. One example is the journey of Gravity Ideas.
Buildings in Cape Town, an illustration of the Gravity Ideas journey through the buildings of Cape Town. 
5. Marketing
We launched this campaign in 2016, hosting it on Mailchimp. We marketed it though our social media sites, as we already had a community established interested in behavioural design. It is currently also available on the Gravity Ideas website. For the social media campaign we used social proofing to improve the sign up of the campaign. 
Behavioural Design Email, Illustrations and Icons

Behavioural Design Email, Illustrations and Icons

An educational email series about the behavioural design industry, history and process, aimed at companies interested in behavioral design and Gr Read More