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    A series of artworks for an Anime Edition of Colouring Heaven
With Desti providing the art direction, we worked on a series of anime inspired artworks for Anthem Publishing's line of adult coloring magazine, Colouring Heaven.
First, we came up with various themes that can be drawn. These themes range from Japanese fashion, anime tropes, festivals and youkais. Once the themes are locked down, the artist started working on coming up with designs that is suitable for coloring books. 

You might notice that that might be some characters that look familiar. That's because we have deliberately used our own OCs such as Haru or Eroko as some of the recurring characters within the book. 
These are some of the selected designs that we have come up with for the book. 
Japanese Fashion
3 of 40: Gothic Lolita
33 of 40: Decora
Anime Tropes
26 of 40: Summer at the beach!
5 of 40: Ball-jointed Doll
Japanese Culture
37 of 40: Hydrangeas feat. Eroko
38 of 40: Sakura Hanami feat. Haru
Japanese Youkai
10 of 40: Yuki-Onna
On top of the designs, we also provided some basic write-ups on the themes that we designed for. We hope that these short write-ups will be educational for coloring book fans who are not familiar with anime!

Account Manager : KC Ng
Art Direction: Desti
Additional assistance: Low Zi Rong
Copywriting: KC Ng and Koh Xin Tian