FOLEY THIS // Board Game
Our brief was to design a board game in two short weeks - I chose to create a board game that involved using the sense of sound. 

Our Communication Design class was partnered with Interaction Design students to create the concept, and design of the game. As I was a Communications Design student, I developed the visuals (the board game, cards, box, dice, players), and my partner designed the experience and flow of the game.

The point of the game is to educate users on the use of foleys (sound effects created for film) in a fun and interactive way. 

The following images are some quick graphics I designed for the brief.
A snapshot of the introduction I had for my project's process book. It includes the poster/box for the game and information about the game's purpose. I always liked to play Cranium games as a child and wanted to create a game inspired by their active involvement of the senses and hands-on fun in all of their games.

Foley This! uses the experience of sound and acting to create a unique, and fun environment to learn about film foleys, and sound production.

Colour Palette
To determine our colour scheme, we went to and randomized palettes until we found one that was fun, bright, and bold. Most board games for younger audiences have vivid colours - so we thought this colour palette would be great for Foley This!
We chose the geometric sans-serif font Futura - as it is clean, balanced, and easy to read.
Initial Prototype & Functionality
cards, player pieces & board
The first prototype of our board game. The visuals we developed were a slight idea of what we wanted - still using and keeping the colour scheme and typography we'd picked out. 
We were more concerned about the functionality rather than the aesthetic quality of the board game.


Depending on which space the user lands on, they are given different prompts for actions.

For example - if one were to land on a blue tile, they would pull a blue Charade card - which would ask them to make and act out the sound on the card (i.e. washing a window with a squeegee) and have their partner guess the answer. 

Landing on an orange tile would mean they draw an Ear Training card - which asks the user to play audio from a corresponding app, and guess from multiple choice answers what the original sound is.

We had multiple variations of the cards, ranging from easy to hard.

Player Pieces
These characters were modelled after our aesthetic goals - for everything to be bright, friendly, and cute. 
card design
The ear training card asks the player who pulled it to play the corresponding audio on the CD, and have other members guess what the answer is.

The charades card asks the player who pulled it to act and sound out the prompt without using words - and have other members guess what the answer is. 
board design
For the board - I designed visuals according to our colour scheme - bright, bold, welcoming, and friendly. I imagined them walking through a dynamic scenery - filled with many fun sounds. I also included images of the characters and some objects portraying sound.

Thank-you for checking this out!
FOLEY THIS // Board Game

FOLEY THIS // Board Game

A quick mock-up of an interactive board game based on Foleys.