The Undefeated: The State of the Black Athlete
State of the Black Athlete.
I am honored to be a part of this topic and was able to use my art as a voice on this touchy subject. The art direction was open and clear: create work to reflect how you feel about the topic. Originally, this assignment was for ESPN the Magazine, but it grew legs and morphed into a digital poster project for The Undefeated. The Undefeated is the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture. 

Coming up with an idea was no easy task. I wanted to avoid fists, kneeling and NFL protests. I felt the other artists would flock towards these topics. So, what was left? I got it! Shut up and play. (Preface: The concept was executed months before the recent situation involving the lady from that news network and LeBron James and Kevin Durant.)

Here are a few behind-scene-how-you-did-that-process shots:
Above are two concept sketches submitted to ESPN. Ultimately, the second sketch was chosen. Time to execute!
Above are a few stages in Adobe Illustrator Draw CC via my iPad Pro 12.9 (v2).
Last, gradients and other refinements were made in Adobe Illustrator. All I did was export the .draw file directly from Adobe Illustrator Draw CC using the share menu.
Be sure to read my essay and view it for yourself. Included are works by other incredible artists.
Thanks for viewing!