State Bank of India has created its own Email Facility for its Controllers and Employees. If you are working with SBI, SBBJ, SBH, SBT, SBP or SBM, you are eligible for SBI EMS Login. Here EMS means Enterprise Messaging System where SBI Employees can View, Send and Receive Emails.
SBI EMS Portal is a highly secure website for sharing emails. State Bank of India has not given Self Registration or Sign up option on SBI EMS Portal. So the SBI Employees are required to request SBI HR Department or IT Department to Create an Email ID for them. You need to provide your personal details to Administration/IT Dept as per rules.
SBI EMS Registration is compulsory for all employees before they Login to However, the User Name and Password are generated after Registration, so you cannot Login without prior registration. State Bank Admin/IT Department will create an Email  ID for you and give your User Name and Password for SBI EMS Login.
List of SBI EMS Email ID
The User Name for SBI EMS Login is fixed and you can never change or modify it. But you can Change the Password as and when you wish to change it. SBI EMS Login Password comes with a validity of 90 days. When you Login for First Time, you must Change your Password and then keep changing it every 90 days.
You can Login to SBI EMS Portal only after 24 Hours of Completion of Registration. If you try to Login before the mentioned period, you will face Login Failure Error on SBI EMS Portal. In case you have any issue in Login after 24 hours of registration, you should again contact SBI HR/Administration or IT Department.
With help of SBI EMS Login, SBI Employees can Send Confidential Emails to each others. The Emails sent by any public Email Server can be hacked and accessed by someone. But Emails on SBI EMS Server are secured by end to end encryption. The main purpose of creating Enterprise Messaging System (EMS) is to secure important information of SBI Bank.
SBI EMS Login Password is valid up to 90 days. In case you don't Login for more than three months, your Password will be Expired automatically. Thereafter, you cannot Login with User Name and Old Password. You should contact SBI EMS Helpline Number and Email ID given below:
SBI EMS Helpline Number: 022-2756679
SBI EMS Helpline VOIP Numbers: 100123, 100124, 100126 and 100127
SBI EMS Helpline Intercom Number: 7192
SBI EMS Support Email ID:
SBI EMS Login is processed by your User Name and Password. Suppose you forget your Password, there is no Forgot Password or Reset Password option on SBI EMS Portal. You should either contact SBI IT Department or call on SBI EMS Helpline Number.
You can also Send an Email to SBI EMS Support Email ID. In Email Subject write as "Forgot EMS Password" or "EMS Password Expired" and a Brief Description about your User Name, Employee ID and other details. SBI EMS Support Department will response to your Email with New Password for your SBI EMS Login within prescribed time.