The proposal requested by client was the development of one logo for one channel in Youtube oriented with’s digital gaming using the word Yago, referring a your first name, the abbreviation CBN, referring with a you last name Castelo Branco Nepomuceno and application of the colors blue and white.
1 - Pixel Art         
        The period historic of games, in your beginning, with have limitations of development or capacity of storage limited, resulted in adapt of developer with a this limitations, creating not purposely a culture of Pixel which is remembered until the present days.
        It is the my main reason to use Pixel Art in this composition, since when you see, you succeed remember a period of classic games and refer the logo with games.
2 - Structures Residences
         The total abstraction of structures residences and apartament is to using as obstacles for stickman, beyond the use of sky for refer consuetude much practice by players. The transition of period of night and morning.
3 - Stickman
         The use of stick man in composition of logo is, mainly, the best abstraction of one character or one player in game, beyond of easy manipulation with editions digital and animations which can be create in future.
        The use of structures residences together with stick man, provided the effect of action in composition, without a necessarily utilize the animation or video.

Thanks to Yago for the solicited this proposal. Challenges it as provide to me a increase of creative and application of concepts of design.