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Selected Logos | Vol. 2

Collection of Logos & Marks 
Created during 2015—2017

A Smile — unused concept.
T — unused concept.
Zenkraft — shipping apps for salesforce.
House —unused concept.
Arkitype — architecture startup.
House — logo concept.
Pomrose — The word 'POM" comes from Pomegranate fruit.
MedStorm — Non-emergency medical transportation services
Taskvibe — Mobile application. App is for collaborating groups to reach common goal. Utilises an online database and is completely stored in cloud.
CUDATO (Custom Data Operations) — intelligent, cost-effective software automation technology
Logo concept for group call app.
Voice+ — music software.
Bacon & Egg — Logo concept for the advertising agency.
IndigoPrep — Educational platform.
Octopus Watch — first icon-based watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time.
Frozen Blend — Unused concept.
S — unused concept for analytics startup.
Brightwater — Logo proposal for agriculture startup.
Syndicate Industries — Mutual prosperity & security through technology.
CoinBasket — cryptocurrency website that allow mainstream people to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies at once.
International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection
Wire Wonder — new consumer product that helps with wire organization.
Regimark — trademark registration service.
Websplosion — Logo for small web design studio.
T + tick — unused logo concept.
Live in Lviv — Seasonal music festival that held in Lviv. It's beautiful city in west of Ukraine. Lion is the symbol of Lviv.
Upwords — content publishing, technology, and advertising company.
Власна думка (Own Idea) — Online platform where people shares their own opinions.

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Selected Logos | Vol. 2

Selected Logos | Vol. 2

Collection of logotypes and marks created during 2015—2017


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