Project Brief:
As a Graphic Design student I was required to select an appropriate "weird/odd" Wikipedia article as the subject of my editorial, I was asked to compile the information from the Wikipedia articles into my own designed grids as well as create alternate photography 
to pair with the article.

My selected article:
Stendhal Syndrome - Stendhal Syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal significance, particularly when viewing art.
Photography Outputs
I drew inspiration from fashion magazines and took a minimal approach when designing the editorial layout. I made use of blocks and line strokes. For the advertisement within the magazine, I used the Absolut brand titled with "ABSOLUT ANXIETY" to correlate with my article. I used an image of pills to relate to the 'anxiety' aspect of the advert.
Final Editorial Mock-ups
Thank you for viewing! :)