Converse Jack Purcell "Not For Everyone 不是谁都懂"

Look at these sneakers. 
You might be bothered by their looks. 
Or their smiles.
“Never mind.” They say. 
Because they were not born to please everyone.  
They like those who have guts, styles, visions. 
If you are not one of those?
Keep watching.

Client: Converse China
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

Creative Director: Winson + Wanshi
Art Director: Jok Jiang
Copywriter: Shanshan Quan
Typeface Design: Fan He
Design: Jok Jiang + Fan He
Chinese Typeface Design
Inspire by the shoe, we design a new Chinese typeface which looks simple and clean but diverse.
Teaser KeyVisual
Before the campaign launch, we also did a teaser for this shoe.
We shoot a pair of new Jack Purcell and print it in a real shoe size, then play with this paper to make many different texture on it.
In this way, you can see the shoe looks the same but they all different, as the shoe itself, different people wear this shoes have different style. With this kind of collage way, we use the shoe itself to tell the story "NOT FOR EVERYONE".
Main KeyVisual
We use 20 different parts of buildings in Shanghai to build the unreal street background, these unreal background help to bring out the idea - different people comes from different street and they define the street.
Most of these cool guys comes from real street casting, these teenagers define the street, they are skate boy, tattoo artist, model, designer, fashion idol and key opinion leader. These young generation define the young attitude of future China.
The huge line brings out the attitude of these young generation of China which is speak loud and make statement.
The final art work.
The final art work (English version for Japan, North Korea and Hong Kong).
For the OOH, we have a long version to attract eyeball.
Of course, 
It blew up the social media of China :)
The advertising campaign blew up all the social media during the season in China. including HYPEBEAST, CampaignChina, SOHUNews and many We-Medias are reporting this campaign.

Not only mainland China, we make this adaptation to Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, It affected the whole Greater China.
Converse Jack Purcell "Not For Everyone 不是谁都懂"

Converse Jack Purcell "Not For Everyone 不是谁都懂"



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