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    submission for competitive scholarship for Fall 2012 semester- Spring 2013.
white wool
Many hands came together to felt Veil. Shown in conjunction with Tabernacle (behind).
Shot from exhibition for Expanded format class, self curated.  Includes peieces Veil, Tabernacle, and print illustrating this portable structure on wall to the right.

10'x6.5' diameter
Bamboo harvested with my dad from my home in Texas. copper wire, twine.
Photograph series illustrating the portability of  the nomadic structure Tabernacle , with me seting up and taking it down.
Scripture Series
est. 2'x3' each
several light boxes constructed from found wood, metal, Holy Bible, light, twine.
Living Word Series, closeup
sunflower seeds, Mark Ch. 4 of Holy Bible, old boxes
Tea Dress 
200 tea bads,muslim, thread
relic from a performance.
Wandering: Lost and Found
tent created from muslim, coffe, maps and sail charts from my home
Interior of Wandering: Lost and Found