"Baby Abuelita" was a 10 month project for a TV show for Latino and non-Latino preschoolers and their families. The adventures of the main characters —grandparents and grandchildren— are based on Hispanic-American and Latin American cultural elements set in a bilingual context attractive to both English and Spanish-speakers.
Animation Studio: Orange Planet
Directed by: Colin Brady
Art Direction: José G. Kurszewski, Aida Sofía Barba
Animation Direction: Colin Brady, Arturo Tornero
Concept Art: Aida Sofía Barba, Carlos De la Vega
Story Board: Misael Acosta
Modeling: Ulises Virgen, Rogelio Del Toro, Ancelmo Toledo, Carlos De la Vega.
Textures: Iveth Bueno, Tabata Muciño, Carlos De la Vega.
Lighting and Render: Iveth Bueno, Rogelio Del Toro.
Compositing: Iveth Bueno, Gabriel Félix.
Animation: Arturo Tornero, Elizabeth Galicia, Diego Villanueva, Rafael Serrano.
Technical Artists (Rigging): Kenji Minami, Andrés Santín.
Layout: Luis Fernando Buenrostro, Aida Sofía Barba, Carlos De la Vega, Kenji Minami.
2D concept art
3D Art