These cartoons were done  over a 9 year period for (originally) followed by (after Autosport took over the Atlas website). Each cartoon was done with reference to specific races (as the titles suggest). Deadlines were always tough as the races happened on Sundays and the cartoons had to be emailed by Tuesday. By 2008 I had it down to a fine art, sketching the piece, scanning it and adding the colour in photoshop. 

In 2007 I was still doing these the old way - sketch on illustration board with colour and line added in acrylic. Still, as you look down the list you will see that this has evolved a great deal. 
I used to do a final cartoon in season with an attempt to "focus upon" the key element of the season - Schumacher's retirement in 2006 was obviously worth commenting on - and hey! I was right - he came back! :-) I always found the cartoon "portraiture a lot tougher than the cars, but I spent a lot of time on it because I knew it was key to get it right. 
At times it was hard to come up with a cartoon - the trick was to find an interesting aspect of any particular race and find a funny slant to it. Sometimes it worked - sometimes it didn't. I thought this one was pretty good. 
Grooved tyres always made for a little extra work. Not sure I'm too happy with the Ross Brawn caricatures here - especially the one on the right. With a full time job though, it was always a case of grace under pressure. I always tried to make sure that there was something distinctive in each cartoon to identify the track where possible - note the palm trees in the background here...
Another "season in review" cartoon - obviously I thought that McLaren and Williams were making inroads into Ferrari's dominance. Schumacher and Ferrari would go on to dominate the 2004 season though...
I always quite enjoyed doing explosions and smoke... Honda did me a lot of favours there...
Note the heavier line work here - there was no pen at all - everything was done with brush - very time consuming, for what it was. 
The very first season I did these - note the hand written "title" - I did that for each race of that season - although you can see I was already using the "marker felt wide" font in the "body" of the cartoon. Not sure why I bothered. I also remember painting little flags in the title for each country's race - the Portuguese flag cured me of that...
F1 Cartoons

F1 Cartoons

Selected cartoons created for and Atlas between 1999 and 2008.


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