Milk & Honey - Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar took an approach of rebranding, along with the extension of
 their dessert menu in 2017, operating under the same company Gastro Network Pte Ltd.

The brand position was still based on the ideas of providing designer yogurt parfaits and desserts using only the finest and freshest ingredients, but with a stronger emphasis on the Japanese and French influences on their creations, as well as the idea of handcrafted desserts made with love and passion from scratch. The colours of the logo were retained for consistency with the Milk & Honey logo. The icons of a milk bottle and honeycombs were replaced with droplets of ‘nectar’ that forms the petals of a flower, collected by the bee - symbolizing the fruition of the effort, passion and love 
put into crafting the desserts from scratch. 
Project deliverables include designing and production of logo, menu board, packaging, videos and marketing collaterals such as branding kit, brand guidelines, marketing kit, corporate profile, cake catalogue, catering catalogue, vouchers and events materials.
Signature Greek yogurt parfaits
From left to right: Golden Nectar, Chocolate Delight, Lilac Dream, Matcha Bliss Greek yogurt parfait 
Take Home Pack Yogurt or Bowl
Designing and production of the paper wrap and labels for the packaging.
Macarons Gift Box
Designing and liaison for production of the kraft packaging.
Cookies in a Jar
Designing and production of stickers and labels for the jars.
Designing and adaptation of marketing collaterals for various purposes.
Art direction for in-house photography shoots for marketing materials.
Menu Board
Designing, adaptation and production of menu boards for various outlets in different outputs (print and digital).
In-store Posters
Designing, adaptation and production of posters for marketing purposes.
Promotional Video
Production of videos for marketing of seasonal promotions or products.


Conceptualization and Rebranding of Milk & Honey - Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar (now known as Nectar)


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