I was brought in on this project back in June and Saatchi wanted me to head the visual development of all the characters and environments to sell the idea to Toyota.  I also did a bunch of storyboards for the spot.  At first, they wanted to go very stylized with everything.  After designing things very stylized, Toyota took a look at it and then Saatchi decided to pull things back a bit, so I had to redesign accordingly.  The things that were going to be contrasting were the stylized nature of the humans and the environments compared to the realistic cars.  So, in the visual development below, you'll see that I used photos of the cars to help sell the idea even more.

In the original pitch, everything was taking place in the countryside, but as you can see, it takes place in both countryside and city.  I barely saw this spot yesterday, so I'm glad it was produced.  I had a great time working on it and the VFX studios did a great job putting everything together.

I have a lot of other images, but since I'm not completely sure if Saatchi is producing it, I'll leave it out for now.

Below you'll see 2 different versions of some of the concept images.  Highly stylized, pushing the character silhouettes and more reigned in.
Visual development begins here.  Developing the look of the characters and environments.
Below are the key art images.  You'll see the 2 different versions of the characters.