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    Branding project for a lawyers association


Rebranding project for the ACE (Constitutionalists Association of Spain), a professional association founded in 2002 with "a spirit of integration, academic exchange and dialogue among scholars, researchers and specialists in the field of Constitutional Law presided its initial steps" as they call themselves in their foundation declaration.

In the redesign process, we create the concept of THE AGORA: space where their associates will be able to talk and discuss the constitutional set of laws. The symbol is created using the initials of the association "ACE" that creates an open amphitheater where these conversations can be held. 

The dialogue between different voices

The brand evolves through a graphical system based on geometrical elements who want to represent the political pluralism and the dialogue and interaction​ between all the voices and opinions from their associates.


The association also commissioned the communication campaign of its annual congress where the new brand and strategy would be presented. We will be showing more about this campaign soon...

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