Paradiso – Issue No. 02

Paradiso Issue No. 02
Our long hot summer ...

Heated through, summer showers, steamy days, slow and easy ... think Fresh flavours, melted dreams, tiny houses, radical sustainability, ayurveda in daily life, days spent in nature ~ we are inspired by The Mad Farmers Liberation Front, Reg Mombassa, Hawaii, The Arts Factory, Rad ladies doing rad things ... 

Paradiso is a FREE creative and independently published magazine made bi-monthly, distributed throughout the Byron Shire (Australia) and stocked in curated locations by our supporters in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our content is about the exploration and celebration of the Byron Shire and beyond. We wonder at the beauty to be found and adventures to be had from forest to ocean to town to farm, near to far; we celebrate people bursting with energy, inspiration and creativity; we pour over all the incredible things made by makers, bakers, foodies, shakers, drinkers, clinkers, growers, baristas; we listen to the wisdom, to the humour and to the passion of our collective consciousness.

Paradiso found.