Authentic Chinese Food & History
Senior Self-directed Project
This book is the outcome of many months of researching at libraries and online, drafting of the written text, and hours of critiques by my professor and classmates. I made my own calendar and checklist to guide myself along on this project. It was very intensive, and it taught me to be proactive even when I did not feel I was heading in the right direction.

I wrote and designed this book because my family and I have been in the American Chinese restaurant business ever since I was a little girl. Most of my friends do not know what authentic Chinese food is because they've only had what is available to them in the United States. I want to show people how Chinese food came to be what it is and what real Chinese food looks like and tastes like today. In order to do that, I chose three of the major regions of China: Beijing, Sichuan, and Guangdong.

The final presentation of the project included a gallery exhibit, so I also created a recipe pamphlet to go along with the food that I made. The recipe pamphlet contained the recipes to the food at the exhibit.
Book: spread of pages 3 and 4
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Recipe pamphlet cover
Pamphlet: Beijing recipes
Pamphlet: Sichuan recipes
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