Collective Hardware NYC
Brand Design & Creative Visualizations 2008-2010
This project consisted of developing a brand identity for a collective of multi-media artists operating out of a historic Vaudeville space on the Bowery in NYC.  Due to the rich and colored history of the space itself, as well as the styles of the various collective members, I created a brand identity equally influenced by Great Depression Era signage, and the classic graphic quality of the Ouija board.

During this period, I acted as Creative Director and Brand Manager, creating and overseeing all graphics used to promote the business, as well as contributing some of my own fine art to exhibitions on premise, including the Black and White Show, which featured artists including Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella as well as other up and coming names.  The show was sponsored by Daniel K. Diamonds, and one of my mixed media canvases was commissioned by Daniel for his personal collection.

A collaboration with local filmmakers resulted in the movie posters for MONSTEROTICA.

Special thanks to Adam Roberts for photos of the Collective's characters, & some of the architectural shots.  More of his work can be seen at