Mural – Adobe Office San Francisco
In the context of my Adobe Creative Residency, I had the honor of creating a lettering mural in the canteen of the Adobe offices in San Francisco.
The quote is by Adobe cofounders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock.
Here you can see the steps of my design process in coordination with Adobe.
I created the whole lettering with Adobe Sketch and then projected the design onto the wall and painted it with acrylic NOVA colors.
first sketch – the colors did not fit and the whole thing was too illustrative
second quick sketch in B/W to see if I got the new briefing right – i tried to reduce the lettering and eliminate the illustrations – and give the whole lettering a more consistent style
Last and final sketch – I was asked to design the "EVERYWHERE" and the "come from" and "in the" bigger and make the whole lettering bold and colorful.