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    Two drafts of a rocking chair brought in a special shape.
“ Chairs without legs “
For the exhibition „Stühle ohne Beine“ in the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin, I designed two rocking chairs.
The peerless connection between the seating surface and the skid of the rocking chair, which has to take all the bending forces, is an essential point of this design. It makes the chair look like delicate.

The first chair, “con tacto No. 1“, is made of round steel, carbon and glass fibre. The essential point is the construction with the carbon. Because there is only one connection from the seating surface to the skid of the rocking chair. The other characteristic is the filigree of the whole construction and the possibility to change the seating surface.

The second chair, “con tacto No.2“, is made of two layers of spring steel, which are connected with a twisted and riveted steel cross. The seating surface is made of 18 different pieces of sailcloth. That was essential to avoid any wrinkle formations, which would be uncomfortable when sitting.

Both models were built in the scale of 3:1, but I still would like to build the second draft as a prototyp, someday.