Allianz Suisse Strategy Game
Allianz Suisse strategy: A playful experience
Tasks:                    Concept, Design, Development
Client/Partners:    Yjoo,  Allianz Suisse
Target Group:       Employees at Allianz Suisse
Platform:               Web (HTML5)
Genre:                   Serious Game, Learning Game
Play Time            Several levels, 5 - 10 minutes each
Year:                      2017
The Allianz Suisse internal strategy and mission statement document received an overhaul a while ago in order to be more understandable, shorter, and more engaging. To make sure that as many employees as possible are motivated to learn about its content, we worked together with Allianz Suisse to create a playful approach to education: Make it a game!
The “Allianz Suisse Strategy Game” is a motivating tool for communicating the strategy of Allianz Suisse to its employees. The game was commissioned by Allianz Suisse, is based on their strategy guide, and is part of their existing CI. The app is intended for internal use at Allianz Suisse only.In the game, employees help potential clients to “find their way to Allianz Suisse”. They achieve this by applying the knowledge about the company strategy, mixed with some game skill. They have to make sure the characters - the clients - get safely through a level by building bridges at the right moment from platform to platform. The characters only stop at benches, which is where the players have to answer questions about how Allianz Suisse will help the current client with its strategy. If answered correctly, the clients can continue on their way. If not, the characters will teleport to the last bench of the current level. In the end, the players will have collected a lot of happy clients and taught themselves all critical parts of the strategy.​​​​​​​
Different player types are catered to by using many different game elements, while prioritizing ease of play for the mostly ”casual gamer” employees. The players can choose freely which of the colorful, variedly designed levels they want to play. Each level has its own client figure, story, difficulty, questions and answers. There’s enough adaptive difficulty for casual players to get the hang of it and for more competitive players to get challenged. The simple base mechanics with only one button for input create a state of flow, which is kept up by alternating between high pressure moments and relaxation phases. Each correct answer to one of the strategy questions will serve as a checkpoint and will therefore be the motivational focus point of every level part.
For the collector-type player, each level successfully completed is shown on the Allianz Suisse Strategy map. Being more skilled at the game ensures higher scores, so the more competitive players can compete with each other despite this being a single player game.

Allianz Suisse used the game for an internal competition among their employees. The game was a big success by motivating over 300 people to compete for the highest score and to learn all they needed to know about the strategy of their employer along the way.