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New collection of five bright jackets «Embroidered Maps» from Lisa Smirnova's Studio Of Modern Embroidery, this is a dream of traveling and fictional landscapes. The jackets are hand embroidered and look like an abstract canvas, but if you look carefully you can see cartography of non-existent worlds with people and plants. All embroidery is made in one copy; it took more than 60 hours of work to create each jacket. The «Embroidered Maps» collection is out now, prices are available upon request.
Special thanks to Yulia Erohina, Alice Starobina and Katerina Orekhova for helping me to create this collection.
Photo: Anna Archen
Style: Anna Bakhareva 
Muah: Yuliya Bondarenko 
Model: Marina Kasi
Asst.: Yulia Erohina