BzZz, Create a Fly Logo Design Part 2 of Series

This tutorial is focused on the process of creating a logo for a web design client. It will cover developing a logo from concept to completion and working with the client throughout this process. This tutorial series covers both the technical processes and business issues related to designing this fly logo.

In this second part of this two part series we will review the steps taken to create a colorful modern logo design in motion. Jump in and learn the design processes and Illustrator techniques involved.

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Design a Business Report Cover

We're going to create a classic design layout that can be built quicklyusing Adobe Illustrator. Jump in and use the 3D Tool to make a set ofbusiness buildings and then add motion lines throughout. We'll finishup by adding some texture to soften the strong lines in this vectorgraphic.

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Draw Your Self Portrait

Learn how to transform your photo into your vector self portrait. We'llreview techniques for tracing photos. We'll also discuss strategies youcould use for this type of work. Deciding on the level of detail toinclude in this realistic illustration will drastically effect thestyle of your finished portrait.

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Building a Website Wireframe in Illustrator

Wireframing is a great tool to have in your web design arsenal.Learn to use Illustrator effectively to create web design wireframes.

This tutorial reviews some techniques for setting up your documentfor the web, quickly building rounded boxes for layouts, creating arepository of usable web elements, using callouts, and more.
This is a great introduction to get rolling with web design inIllustrator. And a good review for those who want to use illustrator tomake website wireframes.

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Tropical Transparency Effect

Learn how to create a bouquet of Tropical Flowers. This tutorial is a breeze. You'll blow through this really fast. You'll learn shortcuts for rotating objects, transparency effects, and how to create exciting geometric patterns. Use these skills to create great background elements in your illustration or design work.

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