It's not easy to be a mongrel. No one is waiting for their birth, no one is standing in the line waiting for the appearance of the puppy, no one takes them to specialists or looks for a name beginning with a certain letter, no one pampers them with delicious food and puts them on the cushions with their names on it… For the mongrels it’s simple - a birthplace determines a walk of life. The mongrels have to get their bread with the help of their own wit, and oh, how hard it is sometimes ... Our hero has never been given a name, never has had a luck with people, so he went off to the forest. It seemed to be good there, so he settled down. He found some friends there who gave him name Benjamin. Now they call him Benji behind his back. So that how he lives in the woods, dropping sometimes into the city, wagging his tail, looking for his Man.
Dog Benjamin