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    My current pen & ink series that is continuing to evolve the more I work on it.
 Background Info:

 I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  On one hand, I was raised on personal computers as far back as the Apple II that my father owned so it's always been part of my life.  I get the newest gadgets when I can and use social networking sites on a daily basis.  However, I am greatly distressed by the increasing social isolation humanity is facing due to ever changing technology.  The younger generations are feeling it the most because it's second nature to them.  Children ignore and fight back against their parents.  Families sit at the dinner table, but no one is talking.  They all have their nose in a phone.  Facebook and Google are 2 of the biggest companies in the world and pretty much run the internet at this point.  In relation to the Chessboard theory, technology will continue to evolve exponentially until we destroy ourselves.  I didn't believe it a few years ago, but the warning signs are starting to rear their ugly heads.  This is a series depicting a new breed of human.  One where cell phones, internet, social networking and computers are integrated into our subconscious.  Are we merely becoming dumber...or are we just becoming part of the machine?

 "The Back Half Of The Chessboard"
 "Red Beret"
 "The Supernova Mind"
 "Crowd Control"
 "The Oneironaut"