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    Made-up exhibition about the relationship between man and machine.
This is an identity I've made for a mock museum exhibition.

It includes a book, mailer, admission ticket, an app, and a clothing pin.

Everything is self-made. Content, design, identity and execution.

It's called "YOU & CPU" . The purpose of the exhibition is to pitch the idea of art in computer programming and the connection between man and machine. Many people associate computer programming as something cold and hard, the design reflects this, but the content is written very casually with a lot of analogies and easy to understand logical structure.

I tried to use "logical" design, where the logic of the content fits in with the design, but I also tried to balance it so it's easy to understand. When machines and computers are used, the lines are rigid and solid, but usually the lines are smooth and fluid contrasting the machines.

The "Demo" page where the app link is supposed to be is actually an NFC sticker. So a phone / tablet with NFC can just touch the page and go right to the app. The app is supposed to prove a point that computers do not understand words and phrases. The app plays a song by Taylor Swift; We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, an ironic love song that a computer tries to interpret by images. The computer searches for the lyric's words in Google Images (pre-cached) by Google Images API and displays it to the viewer synced to the song.