Why Do Children Need Mouth Guard While Playing Sports
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Why Do Children Need Mouth Guard While Playing Sports
Parents usually care a lot about the dental and oral health of their younger children. It’s true that younger children do not have big sense about protecting their teeth and gums. So, parents have to be fully involved in order to ensure their dental and oral health and safety. But you may wonder about the health of older children. It’s true that older children are usually able to realize about the teeth they have. So, they care about their oral and dental health without you asking for it. However there are some matters in which you need to act in order to make sure that your older children do not end up injuring their teeth and oral cavity.

One such scenario is the sports. Older children need physical activities to gain fitness at the levels they require. But you may have an idea about the hard impacts and their risks for the teeth of your kids. Having that said, a few sports are worth mentioning here because those sports pose great risk of injuries if proper steps for prevention are not taken.

1. There is a high risk of getting injuries to teeth and gums while playing Soccer & Basketball. You don’t know when you get struck by elbow.
2. Although your child may be very watchful while playing Lacrosse & Baseball, it sometimes gets very difficult to escape the blow by a fast moving ball.
3. Ice Skating & Skateboarding are not the sports in which injuries can happen due to throws and contacts, but there is a bigger risk of falling down and getting the teeth cracked or broken.

Hence, use of mouth guard is extremely important during these sports.
Why is it important to protect baby teeth?

Just because the baby teeth are supposed to fall, many people think that it isn’t a big deal if those teeth break or crack during sports. However, you need to understand the fact that injury to baby teeth can result in the affected development of adult teeth. Sometimes, the injury happens to jawbone, the very place from where the adult teeth are going to emerge out. If that place is affected, there is a bigger chance for the development of adult teeth to get affected at certain levels. Thus, you need to ensure better safety of your child’s baby teeth.
Are mouth guards effective?

Mouth guards tend to provide protective cushioning to the teeth and gums. Hence, the pressure coming from any hard blow is absorbed and eliminated by mouth guard before it reaches the teeth and gums. Hence, the resultant injury could be limited to just the upper skin or inner cheeks (which is definitely not a big deal).
If you want optimum protection for the teeth of your kid, you can get him/her the custom-made mouth guard which is prepared in the dentist’s office by keeping in view the particular dental structure and requirements of a patient.