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Art Direction for Sega Slots - I oversee the design for static art, gameplay sequences, UI/UX, dialog screens, transition, animation, VFX, and gave directions on audio and gameplay.
Sonic Animal Rescue 
Collect animals to trigger 3D Progressive Jackpot Bonus!
Golden Axe
Mega-Block size icons
Super Monkey Ball Fruit Drop
Collect Bananas to participate in 3D multiplayer bonus.
Shinobi Wild Duel
The duel betwen Shinobi and Shadow Master trigger random Wilds.
Sonic Casino Night
5 Reels Mechanical Stepper
Samba De Amigo
Collect Maracas during Free Spins to trigger Wilds
Super Monkey Ball Pirate
Quest to find Treasure Island!
Super Monkey Ball Aztec Treasures
Triple Bonus Games: Free Spins, Banana Drop Pachinko, Progressive Pick Jackpot
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Sega Slots

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