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How To Use Laser Level With A Detector?
How To Use Laser Level With A Detector?

Knowing how to use rotary laser level is great. Knowing how to use a laser level with detector is awesome. But when you know how to use BOTH?

That’s when you can relax and gracefully slap an “S” on your chest because you will not only be unstoppable but will also be able to speed up many jobs and handle several alignment tasks like you have superpowers.

So, Why Should You Use A Laser Level With a Laser Detector?

Laser levels are amazing tools that provide a fast and efficient means of tackling various jobs and making alignment tasks easy. But the truth is: most people found it difficult to use their laser levels outdoors on their construction site, especially in bright direct sunlight.

Achieving accurate results by using laser levels in bright light conditions has often been questioned. This is because a laser is nothing but a highly collimated and concentrated beam of light whose visibility will be inevitably diluted when it is placed in a very bright light condition.

Laser range can be shortened to improve its visibility. But when a laser is drowned out by the ambient lighting and becomes essentially invisible, what can you do? 

How then will you take the necessary measurements and complete your leveling task without taking a big chunk of your time?

The bottom line is:

You need to increase the effective range of your laser level in any lighting condition if you want to speed up your job and make your alignment tasks easy. 

How? By using a laser detector or receiver.

And today, I want to show you something that will make you feel like you have leveling superpowers:

Actionable tips on how to use laser level with a detector. Now, let us dive in:

How To Use The Laser Level With A Detector – Use Laser Level Outdoor 

Using a laser detector is probably the best way to use a laser level in bright light condition. Even if your laser level emits a laser beam that is invisible to your naked eye, a laser receiver can still accurately detect the laser beam using its sensors. 
Below are the steps to using a laser level with a receiver.

1 - Put on the goggles or tinted glasses available in your laser level kit. These glasses will make the laser beam more visible in an outdoor setting.
2 - Place your laser level on the tripod, and switch it on.
3 - Level the unit or otherwise allow it a moment to automatically level itself if it is a self-leveling model.
4 - Focus the laser beam where you want to take your readings and when you locate it, lock the unit into position.
5 - Set up the laser detector on another tripod or connect it to the measuring/grade rod. You can also place the receiver on a flat surface; make sure it is at the same height as your laser level unit.
6 - Slowly adjust the laser receiver up and down until it detects the laser beam from the level. Typically, you will hear the beeping of the laser detector when it has found the laser.
7 - Steady the laser detector on a flat surface or lock it into position on your tripod or measuring rod upon finding the laser beam.
8 - Use receiver and the level to get the state of level or the alignment that you want.

For the best result:

- Find the best laser level detector and a laser level that suits your work. You can choose the best self leveling laser level via this link.
- Calibrate the laser detector regularly in order to achieve the best result. 
- Stabilize the laser level and avoid any impact on the unit to prevent error.

How To Select The Best Laser Level Detector

No doubt, a laser level detector helps to ensure the speed, accuracy, and quality of an alignment task. 

But before you go ahead to purchase one, you’d better be sure it would work for you to avoid wasting your time and money on a wrong product. 
The different laser comes with different frequencies. The tips below will direct you on how to select the best laser level detector for your laser level.

- Find a laser detector that is compatible with your laser level
- Opt for detectors with the detecting range that suits you
- Check the types of indicator (visual and audio) a laser detector has. Go for a laser detector with both indication types as they are more convenient and easy to use.


Using a laser level is not as difficult as it seems. And with a laser level detector, you can step up your game and speed up your jobs and take your construction projects to the next level. 

What are you still waiting for? Grab your tools, follow the guide, and come back with your testimony.
How To Use Laser Level With A Detector?
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How To Use Laser Level With A Detector?

Learn How to Use a Laser Level with Laser Receiver with this step-by-step guide.


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