Platfor.ma is an independent online media, whose team is experimenting, rethinking the reality and trying to find the new ways. Platfor.ma created for innovators, dreamers who are inspired by new ideas, like a breath of fresh air. Now platfor.ma is expanding, opening new directions of its activity coming out of the web.

Design approach
The platform stands out against the background of its competitors with quality content, so I used three contrasting colors:
yellow white and black.
I decided to think about what independence is. Independence is a freedom, belief in yourself, own vision of the world.
Freedom I decided to portray with the frame letter P, which acts as a dynamic logo at which curious readers can look from different sides.The frame letter P symbolizes the emptiness of a thirsty filling.Space can not exist without matter, it will not
exist if there are no particles that determine it. The metaphor is that it is the readers who determine the particles of platfor.ma
and without them, it will not exist.