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    In this particular project I gave myself the opportunity to achieve self through artistic elements which emerged, the concept of the logo and app… Read More
    In this particular project I gave myself the opportunity to achieve self through artistic elements which emerged, the concept of the logo and applications. Been working on this project for many hours and meticulously I hope that you like . Read Less
is a professional architect who just graduated. His interest, curiosity and impetuous always led him to ask himself how things made.. And he tried to make those stuff when it was possible to do.
As he was trying to learn about making things, he knew about the principle of design so he start looking into it.. Since then he involved in the design fields trying to achieve a good designs whether it was graphics, motion, modeling, products .. And through the time he finally found the visual joy and the ultimate design profession that was called "the mother of all arts" which was architecture.
I needed something to unify what I do and what I am passionate about, so I decided to have a personal logo with my name having an indication of my interests. As well as I have to create a reference of what i do in a blog or something that has to be known with its identity which what I did.
Musab Badahdah
2012 \ 10 \ 6

During the discussion sessions and through my knowing of Musab, where he is an architect graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals  with second honors, he has empowered engineering ability and is characterized by a sense of a talented artist. 
What distinguishes architecture from the civil engineer is the aesthetic side of which is owned by architect without  civil engineers, in the sense that what makes me chose architect rather than the civil engineers that  the architects are technical strength in the construction of buildings besides to high artistic flair. 
Reached as a result of specific about what Musab wants and how he wants to visual identity to show and what a feel that he wants it to deliver to the recipient through the identity and logo specifically, which follows: he wants identity to be luxury, steady, focused and to be modern and dynamic at the same time. Given what he wants Musab, firstly I looked at the request contradictory and can't be combined were required at one time. Then reached the following conclusion, that if I made from the keyword (MUSAB) as a sign of strength, stability, luxury, elegance and adding the word (ART) in a way that embodies the meaning of art, friendly, attractive, hand-painted , modren and  dynamic. The result that I have shortened all Musab requested in the two forms coordinated perfectly.
This is the basic philosophy logo which was built through elements of a complete identity, starting and ending with the slogan media applications.
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