1. El Destilado. First large format I ever painted. Thanks to Jason and Joseph for this commission. Oax, Mex. (May 2017)
2. Muertos. There is a second painting of which I have zero decent pictures. Oax, Mex. (Nov 2017)
3. Amapolas. Large format illustration. First time properly painting with spraypaint. Mérida, Yuc. (Feb 2018)
4. Calavera Chismosa. Largest painting of mine. Thanks to Octavio, Gama, and Caprice. (Mar 2018)
5. Magpies. Leaving calaveras out for this one. (May 2018)
6. Calavera Básica. Spraypainted on Graus.mx, Mérida. (Aug 2018)