The Challenge Family is the fastest growing global, long-distance triathlon series. Now with 44 long-distance triathlons in 21 countries, we are changing the face of long-distance racing around the world. Featuring spectacular courses in iconic destinations, Challenge Family events focus on delivering the race of a lifetime to athletes of all ages and abilities, and creating a memorable spectator experience that captures all the excitement and emotion of this inspirational sport.

Challenge Vietnam will be held for the first time on the 11th of September 2016 in Nha Trang, the beach capital of Vietnam. The vision is to create an atmosphere for athletes where they are surrounded by the best coastal views coupled with an enthusiastic crowd cheering for them throughout the race route. 

Today in Vietnam there are more and more people who practice sports and healthy living as they are starting to be aware of its importance in their everyday life. As a consequence, there has been an increase in the number of running events like HCMC Marathon and Danang International Marathon. Challenge Vietnam wants to take it a step further by combining several sports in one event.

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No matter what reason brought one into triathlon, one thing is for sure, we all run towards that shiny piece of bling that awaits us at the finish line. The medal is not only proof of finishing the race, but also a souvenir that shows the amount oftraining, sacrifice, and dedication that you put in. The inspiration of the IPPGroup Challenge Vietnam 2016 powered by CRTC medal comes from the Dong Son drums. The bronze drums were fabricated by the Dong Son culture in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. Dong Son drums were used as both musical instruments and cult objects. The scenes depict the daily life of ancient Viet and reflect the artistic talent and mind. In the middle of the medal is the Challenge Family symbol combined with Vietnamese national flag. The Challenge Family logo stands for Vitality, Passion, Victory, and Inclusive.