Porsche Encounter
Commercial I Traditional I CGI 

We wanted to create a cinematic with the Porsche 911 Turbo S, that felt more like a short, or a segment from a film rather than a traditional commercial.

It was important for us to capture the dual nature of the vehicle; the minimal, almost sculptural beauty with the brutal force that propels it into motion. Through art direction, cinematography, and animation we brought this feeling out, a feeling that in one word we defined as: brutality.  

Brand: Porsche
Concept: Bipolar Studio
Direction, Production & CGI: Bipolar Studio

Case Study

From the start of the project we wanted to meticulously craft, design and art direct each of the elements. Our goal was to make the project entirely computer-generated and yet, entirely photo-real.

We used satellite photography for the airfield and a scanned body for the pilot, using both as a physically accurate base. Different lighting and atmospheric combinations wer e explored to visualize the overall feeling and mood.

We spent a crazy amount of time perfecting the smallest details on the vehicle; from reflections on the body curves, to the texture of the paint, to the light bulbs inside the taillights. We perfect every step in order to push the boundaries of the automotive CGI.