Bulb - Buried Future EP
The first track of the E.P – ‘1000 Light Years Between Us’, features the sublime and dreamy vocal talents of Tiiu. The vocals are used sparingly and sit perfect between the spaced out chords, melodic leads and clicky percussion. A 170bm workout with enough bass to really work on the floor!

‘Not An Angel’ is a jazz inspired track that utilizes the vocals of Russian dubstep artist – ‘Marina Faib’. A catchy vocal hook coupled with glistening harmonies really brings out the best in her voice. Big sub and midrange keep the low-end moving while the track rounds off with a wicked groove layered with reverbs and razor tight percussion.

Again, the 3rd track uses the wonderful vocal talents of Tiiu. This track has a big cinematic feel to it with a verse-chorus arrangement and so, this is one of the more deeper exploits on the E.P. Playing a half-time rhythm, popping beats and percussion shimmer over intense strings and catchy melodies. Still, enough bass is present to make this track really go down well on any system.

‘Buried Future’ is the last track and rounds off the E.P nicely. This is Bulb’s solo effort and is aimed more towards the dance-floor. Filtered beats, layered percussion and a fast groove all sit over the top of deep chords and sensual pads. Melodies drift in and out of the arrangement underneath subtle atmospheres as delays and reverbs swish between the parts. Bass also is a major aspect of the tune with lots present in the lower frequencies.
Daniil Vavilov aka Bulb is not just a random ‘home-producer’ you might stumble upon and enjoy, he is a well-rounded artist who needs more spotlight without ever suggesting it.

His ‘main’ alias, Bulb, is the product of witty friends and his trademark (lack of a) hairstyle. A typical combination of trancey melodies and mellow soundscapes on top of 170 bpm drum & bass. At some point he decided that Bulb isn’t enough to cover his full range of states of mind and ideas expressible through music, thus building up a second online persona, Fill.
Thanks for watching!