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    Bratpack Peg Catalog Holiday 2012 :)
It's finally out!

Bratpack really loved what I did with the previous catalog and so, they gave me again the privilege to work on Bratpack's Peg Catalog Holiday 2012. Since it's the holidays, we wanted to give something back to our lovely consumers. Haha. This catalog has 4 sets of postcards which you can peel off (it's perforated) and give to your loved ones. The postcards are also discount cards which you (or your loved ones) can use on almost all of the brands found in Bratpack stores nationwide. They'll just stamp the postcards once you've used it, so you can still keep the cards. :)  Not to mention, there's the annual P500 cash voucher at the back.

My boss wanted me to do something, uh, better, than the previous one. Well, hello pressure. Haha. Anyway, to step up to the challenge, I decided to use mixed media for all the artworks found here, from poster color to cross stitch! Haha. I'll just put in the captions what materials I used. :)

You can get the catalog at all Bratpack stores nationwide. Yay! Happy Holidays!!! :)

PS Perforation's bloody nasty. Supplier can't get it right. Shame. :( Please use scissors instead.

PPS Also, you may notice that the digital version's color is different from the printed one. That's how the print came out, but I'm still happy with it. Haha.

Photography, Art and Design by Raxenne Maniquiz
Copy by Isa Geganto and Miguel de Dios
I used poster color for the clothes of the models, and pencil on other parts. :)
I used poster color on "I love you like hipsters love plaid." I did an actual collage for the postcard beside it. I got the stuff from old fashion magazines. I just added more elements, like the text, using Illustrator. :)
"Let's be weird together." is the cross stitch art I was talking about. I designed the pixel art first in Illustrator, then I plotted it in the cross stitch canvas. I used poster color for "Here's a totally random pick to burn your expectations."  The vintage tattoo art really interests me. I used colored pencils to achieve that effect. As for the hipster deer (haha), I used pencil and then poster color for the colored stuff. :)
I also did the artworks for the free wallpapers. You can find higher resolution photos here. :) I wrote the resolution letter in ink, then I just scanned it and tweaked it in Illustrator. :)