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    Miscellaneous designs and illustrations by Chris Murphy. Visit my website at chrism70.com.
Miscellaneous Designs
A collection of illustrations and designs that do not fit into the other categories.
Charlie O. - This illustration was created as a tribute to the Athletics and their time in Kansas City, as well as their innovative but polarizing owner Charlie O. Finley, who named the mule mascot after himself.
Kansas City All-Star Game - Kansas City will be hosting the All-Star Game in 2012, but have yet to create a logo for the game, so I have decided to create my own version of what their logo could look like.
Curling - While caught up in the fever of the 2010 Winter Olympics, I decided to create this design celebrating the sport of curling.
Kansas Fuels First! - A design created to raise awareness in Kansas of cleaner, more natural fuel options rather than building more dirty coal plants. This design was used as a promotional item by GPACE.
Videosift Web Badges - Award badges created for Videosift.com.